V+ Supreme -

the ultimate choice

ETG V+Supreme engine oil is designed for super-sports and high performance cars.  It combines the highest purified synthetic or PAO base oils with well-balanced quality additives and distinguishable premium properties.  It supports and protects engines even under racing conditions.

  •  a far outstanding result in protection against wear, corrosion, foaming and aging, yet not losing fuel economy
  • an excellent lubrication film stability across a wide temperature range
  • a significant difference in engine and parts cleaning
  • equipped with extra anti-wear and friction-reducing additives, which provide superior valve train component protection and increase engine performance
  • VSEDA formula has another two special properties, prevent carbon particles and sludge from accumulating in the lubrication system, especially on the moving parts, which in modern combustion engines have to operate within marginal tolerances

V+ 0W20

V+ 0W30

V+ 0W40

V+ 5W30

V+ 5W40

V+ 10W60